Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thailand in the Low Season

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Thailand. It was a blast. We were there about 10 days which was a little short of our plan but the flights were looking good so we had to leave early.
At first we headed up north to Chang Mai, which is one of the bigger cities up north but it was much smaller than Bangkok. Chang Mai was cool and I wish we could have spent more time there. One day we rented a motorcycle and drove all over getting lost, sun burned, and scaring Lauren. We got some really good local Thai food and went and saw the tigers and went on a pretty cool hike. When we were up north we also went on a Trek through the jungle. This is a picture of the elephant with us on it's back.

It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Except for when the Thai hot peppers smashed in my pocket and burned my leg!
The second part of our trip we headed to the South through Phuket. The beaches were great. Supposedly the rainy season is right when we were there but it was nice most of the time and wasn't very stormy at all. We stayed on Ko pi pi for a couple nights in this beachfront bungalow, it was unreal.

It was a secluded beach, and our cabin had a balcony looking over the ocean, all for only $20 a night. They even let me fish with their snorkel gear and make shift fishing gear. It beat fishing in Utah.
Thailand is a long ways away. Probably close to 20 hours each way. And even though we got business class most of the way there and back, it wears on you. But, I would still like to go back and explore some other areas in Thailand and maybe get another Tailor Made suit!
Total spent for 2 in 10 days = Hotels $150 + Food $150 + Buses $120 + Scooter Rental $10 + Jungle Tour $90 + whatever else we spent money on = $800

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