Monday, August 15, 2011

From New York to Maine

This will just be a quick post but we took a little road trip from Maine back down to Brooklyn... in our new car! We, I mean Lauren, has been driving a 1997 toyota tercel for the last year and after the AC broke down during the New York heat wave we decided that it was time to get a new car. We found a nice little hatchback just north of Boston so we flew up there with some cash in hand and started our trip.

We went immediately to Maine, which is an under-rated state. We walked along the beach and grabbed some lobster. We had a fun time and it wasn't very crowded, I can see why G W has a summer home up there.

Lauren had to flirt her way into holding a lobster

We didn't stop in Boston since we had been there before and headed to Rhode Island and the famous Newport Beach cliff walk and mansions. The cliff walk is amazing and much more grand than I had imagined. The walk is about 3 miles and right along the coast. There are some of the biggest mansions ever, more like castles as you can see. 

And back home to Brooklyn. It has been a great summer living in the city. We are ready for a change of pace and to be back in Ithaca but it was fun while it lasted. Here are a few pictures of our time in NYC.
The Law and Order building, that show is good drama!

People are crazy in New York

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