Sunday, March 27, 2011

St. Lucia and our German Hostess

We made it down to St Lucia for a few days for my spring break. It was a lot of fun and we got some sun that we needed. We found this place called Villa Wellness that we just kinda stumbled across. It was pretty awesome, just a little house that this German lady rents out a couple of rooms in. I called before we went and the hostess said she would pick us up at the airport and sure enough when we got off the plane she was there waiting for us with a sign with our names on it!
The room we stayed in opened up to the deck which overlooked the ocean. It was great to watch the sunsets in the hammock. The first morning we were there she was going to the local market so we tagged along so that we could get some fresh coconuts. They are sooo good! If you haven't ever had a green coconut you need to go somewhere and get one.

The website said that a room comes with a veggie breakfast and so we were expecting some fruit and maybe toast but the breakfast was huge! All kinds of fruit, eggs, fresh hot bread, and all kinds of cheese and some unique St Lucian foods. We ate so much we never really ate lunch. And it gave us enough energy to play some soccer with the locals. I scored the first goal of the game and Lauren knocked some kid down so we earned their respect!

One of the places we went was called the sulfur springs. The island is volcanic and so they have some natural hot springs near Soufriere. St Lucia has the typical Caribbean buses that just wait until they get enough people to leave, which I think are awesome. So we went to the bus stop and jumped in the big van. It took about a half-hour to get to the entrance and then a 15 minute walk to the hot springs. It was only $5 us for the hot springs. The coolest part is they have this clay that everyone lathers all over their body, that all the locals swear by. Lauren looked like she was 15 again after that clay treatment!

On Sunday we went to the local mormon church. It was a pretty small branch but everyone was pretty nice. Afterwards we went to the beach and laid by some palm trees. We realized how little sun we have been getting in Ithaca when at the end of the day we were both pink and swollen. Oh well, the sun is good for you right?

Here is a shot of the view we had from the deck. If you get a chance to go to St Lucia you have to spend a few days with Christina at Villa Wellness, we didn't get the opportunity but supposedly she is a wicked belly dancer.

3 Nights stay $160 + 8 coconuts $5 + mud bath $10 + bus $6 + some pretty dirty chicken $4*3 = $198

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