Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nicaragua for their famous Turkey

Thanksgiving came and we just couldn't let a chance to go on a quick trip be wasted so we flew down to Nicaragua for what could possibly be our last trip before Lauren has the baby!
 We rented a little house from some dude on airbnb, it had two little rooms and a ktichen patio area that overlooked the beach. We came down with Lauren's parents and it was perfect for us. The town we stayed in is called San Juan Del Sur, it has quite a few expats but it still felt pretty authentic. We bought fresh fish from the fish market that had been caught that day and made fish tacos that were amazing. It got us excited for Seattle and the fresh fish up there.
 There was a pretty cool surf beach near by that had some nice breaks. Last time I went surfing was in New York and a wave clobbered me and popped my shoulder out. I came up out of the water with a stomach full of new york ocean water, which isn't good for anyone. I was still scared from that and so I wasn't able to surf at all but it was fun to watch.
 On Thanksgiving I was a little bummed that I only had rice and beans for dinner so I was moping around and we came into this pizza shop and I asked if they could make us a Nutella pizza. Amazingly they pulled out a big jar and slathered it on one for us. For those Nutella fans out there, it was as good as it sounds.
 This is a picture of one of the Volcanoes we went to see, we took a ferry over there.
 When we got there I spotted some dirtbikes for rent. Driving a motorcycle around a country that I have never been to before is one of my favorite things, Lauren was a sport and let me have my way.
 This is what a Pregnant girl looks like when she is not happy that she just rode a motorcycle around a volcano.
 One of our stops on the ride was to agua de ojo. It is this natural spring in the middle of the jungle. You can actually camp there, which I think would be great. It is cool and refreshing and there is even this awesome rope swing, just like Hobbs Pond.
 Ron and Karen (Laurens parents) made the trek with us. Half way through the pavement ended and the road turned a little dicey. There was loads of cows all over the road, we got stuck behind some for a little while before finally weaving through them.

The island with the Volcanoes is called Isla de Imotepe, it was my favorite part of the trip. If you ever go down to Nica, you need to go there and if I went again I would stay there for a night or two. Nicaragua is a really cool country, everything is still really cheap, there are lots of outdoor activities, and it is not very touristy at all.

Rental house $25 night + 2.5 hour cab ride from airport $60 + motorcycle rental $20 + fresh fish $3 = about $180 for the trip

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